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We are a small but highly experienced studio in St. Gallen, Switzerland, consisting of two seasoned information technology veterans and some independent contractors, who have been working together for many years on both B2B and Video Games projects.

We have an average of over 20 years of professional experience in software design and development.

Are you interested in B2B or the Video Games Industry?
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Business to Business

Consultancy, Software Design & Development

Why work with us?

Established in 2021 in St. Gallen, our studio brings together a team with over 20 years of experience in delivering robust B2C and B2B software development solutions across diverse platforms.

Serving clients ranging from NGOs and SMEs to startups and large corporations, primarily from the EU and the US, we understand the paramount importance of domain expertise, and as a small team, we truly prioritize our clients and pay close attention to their needs.

We firmly believe that project success is tied to client satisfaction.

We are adept at navigating complex challenges, including rescuing business- and/or time critical projects across various industries, such as finance, healthcare, e-commerce, FMCG (retail) and telecoms.

Throughout our professional journey, we've adeptly adapted to new technologies, methodologies and domains, viewing adaptation an integral part of our work.

Drawing from our experience in independent game development, we bring valuable skills and methods like gamification, customer first approach and onboarding to the traditional B2B landscape.

What can we do for you?


Systems & Software Design

Software Development

Quality Assurance

In our experience, strength most often lies in quality rather than quantity in IT. As a small yet highly experienced team, we deliver focused results and performance in complex projects. Our ability to work independently while maintaining continuous coordination ensures targeted outcomes.

You can find a short summary of our background, relevant tech stack and core offer on the right side of this page.

How can we work together?

We understand that flexibility is important to your business. We can work in either T&M or Fixed-Price models, so you can always choose the cooperation framework that best suits your needs and priorities.

We can use different agile and waterfall software development methodologies based on your requests and project requirements.

As a small studio, we are genuinely interested in cultivating enduring partnerships with our clients. Our ultimate measure of success is client satisfaction, knowing that it is the cornerstone of building long-lasting relationships.

We are happy to consult you on the pros and cons of the models and methodologies if you are unsure which one to choose in a particular situation.


Some of our B2B References

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Core Offer

  • 20+ years in B2B
  • Cross-disciplinary skills
  • Continuous learners
  • Flexible contracting terms
  • Based in Switzerland
Up to 2-5 developers


  • System Designs - ODD, IDesign, CPM; UML, ERD
  • Architectures - Monolithic, Client-Server, EDA, SOA, MSA
  • Methodologies - Agile (Scrum, CI/CD, XP), Waterfall
  • Design Principles - KISS, DRY, YAGNI, SOLID
  • Design Patterns and anti-patterns

Tech Stack

- primary   - complementary
  • C# (.NET Framework, Standard, Core)
  • PHP, C++, obj C, Java, Ruby on Rails, python
  • Desktop - WPF, XAML, WinForms
  • Web - SignalR, WCF, REST, websocket, ASP.NET, MVC, razor, LAMP
  • Mobile & Cross-platform - Unity3d, MVVM , MAUI
  • Cloud - Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Redis, Memcached
  • MS-SQL - LINQ to SQL, EF, AutoMapper
  • SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • NoSQL - CosmosDB, Azure Table Storage
Legacy / Miscellaneous
  • Silverlight, Blend, OOB, DeepZoom
  • SharePoint, Webparts
  • Various CMS, CRM and LMS systems, Orchard
  • Kinect
  • Xamarin
Not listed? We are flexible and ready to adapt – it's what we do!

Video Games Industry

Indie Game Development & Design

Why work with us?

We started working as a small team of indie game developers in 2016-17, and we are thrilled to collaborate with other studios and indie developers whenever possible.

Following several years of groundwork on the backend and client framework, our upcoming online multiplayer title, Feudums, made its debut on Steam in late 2022, after being awarded a pre-production grant by Pro Helvetia (Swiss Arts Council).

Since then, Feudums has received some recognition, including a GDWC '23 award and finalist status in another, and invitations to curated events like Tacticon 2023, where our project became the most anticipated upcoming game in its category.

Bring your project goals to life with our expertise!

With our comprehensive B2B experience in IT development, successful track record of time- and business critical projects, and by learning the ins and outs of indie development at our own expense over the years, we offer a pragmatic and process-driven approach to game development - without the rigid, corporate attitude.

What can we do for you?

Coding or Full-Service

Unity and .NET expertise

UX and QA

Multiplayer & MMO

Save time for enhancing your game's design, accelerate development or address tasks beyond your expertise. You can entrust complex or crucial tasks to us, leveraging our background to provide assistance in various areas, including:

  • From Coding to Full-Service - Whether you need assistance on specific aspects of your project or full proof of concept creation for your next one, we have an all-rounder team (development, graphics, music, narrative) available on demand.
  • Unity and .NET expertise - We offer comprehensive game development services, tailored to your needs and specifications. We can implement your game design, help with UX design and construct modular and reusable subsystems and libraries. We can identify and mitigate technical debts, avoid bad practices, develop editor tools to streamline and support game development, and set up and manage test automation for quality assurance.
  • Multiplayer and MMO Experience - We understand distributed architecture, network authority and source of truth, caching, client-server communication, race conditions, I/O bottlenecks, in-memory state and persistency, replication and state recovery, and so on. We are working with these concepts for several years on our own online multiplayer strategy title, with additional expertise on scalability, network optimization or robustness brought from the B2B world.
You can find a short summary of our background, relevant tech stack and core offer on the right side of this page.

How can we work together?

Whether you need full-scale development or assistance on specific aspects of your project, we are here to help. We can also work in either T&M or Fixed-Price models, chosen for the job and your preferences.

Indie game development is usually about fast iterations and being agile, but we can also follow the waterfall software development methodology if circumstances allow.

We understand that indie games most often have a very different scope and circumstances than B2B projects.



Feudums is our upcoming, tick-based, medieval 4X social grand strategy game, with cooperative/competitive online multiplayer and zero pay-to-win (P2W) elements. The game combines kingdom management and navigating the feudal vassal system, while the player's noble house carries over its legacy throughout the game sessions.

Tip: think of Feudums as a practical and interactive case study of how our skillset can be utilized.

Feudums is built on a cloud-based, scalable MMO ecosystem , which we designed specifically for the game, and is fully customizable and moddable. Our approach is rooted in practical B2B methodologies and practices, shaping both the system's design and coding processes, and we have taken a practical, goal-oriented approach to our challenges and have strategically implemented different methodologies to align with our current priorities.

  • The core infrastructure (our supervisors and managers) is built following the waterfall methodology, driven by detailed technical documentation, while the game code and additional functions now seamlessly incorporate agile techniques, focusing on continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD).
  • Our quality assurance strategy draws from proven B2B practices and is characterized by a large host of well-defined automated tests. We have also developed several custom Unity inspectors and a rich set of editor functionality for testing different situations, as well as features to locally restore or modify game snapshots that are automatically generated from bug reports or local cache files.
  • Our server-side is built on the robust .NET Framework rather than Unity/Mono. Server-side functionality includes a user-friendly web backend, allowing the remote management of games, players, game invites or world settings, as well as running various tasks, such as procedural world generation based on various parameters, or auditing our various logs. Later on, parts of the backend features can be opened to players to manage their private games, based on a detailed roles and authority system. Modding is supported by versioning and authoring capabilities for relevant items.
  • The client is built in Unity3D (originally started in version 4.6, now upgraded several times), leveraging custom, in-house solutions and libraries , spanning UX functionalities, threading, communication, object pooling, an entirely custom game map implementation (with clear separation of model and visual representation), a seasons and weather system, a minimalistic, flexible and reusable spritesheet animation system designed for minimal footprint, and more.
  • The game is designed for seamless cross-platform multiplayer experience. Client-server communication is achieved through the dual utilization of WebSockets and traditional REST APIs, with convenience features, caching and more for metered or unreliable (ie. mobile) connections.

These are just some of the ways we can also contribute to your project!

If you are interested in our game, you can find out more on the Feudums official website or on Steam.

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Core Offer

  • 8+ years in indie development
  • Cross-disciplinary skills
  • Continuous learners
  • Flexible contracting terms
  • Based in Switzerland
Up to 2-3 developers

  • All-rounder team on demand
    • Graphic Artist
    • Narrative Designer
    • Music Composer


  • Our comprehensive B2B Background
  • Game Architectures - Monolithic, Client-Server, MMO / Cloud, Cross-Play
  • Game optimized Design Patterns and anti-patterns

Game Engine

  • Unity3D (v4.6-2022)
    (.NET Framework, IL2CPP, Mono)
  • Graphics - 2D, dynamic LODs, spritesheets, animations, particles, layered tilemaps, 3D, Shaders (HLSL)
  • UX - uGUI, tweening, advanced tooltip systems, scalable UI, notifications, nested prefabs, guide, audio, assets localization, in-game bug reporting
  • Core - threading, memory and performance optimization, .NET events vs Unity Events, object pooling, communication, serialization, scriptable objects, procedural generation, decoupling, unit testing, Steam and Discord API integration
  • Editor - tools and layout extensions, custom inspectors, automation, post-build scripts.
Not listed? We are flexible and ready to adapt – it's what we do!
  • Game Design Work Grants
    Pro Helvetia (Swiss Arts Council)
Supported by Pro Helvetia - Swiss Arts Council
  • Official Selection
    Tacticon 2023
    (also became the most anticipated upcoming 4X / Grand Strategy)
Tacticon 2023, Official Selection (and became the most anticipated upcoming 4x/Grand Strategy)
  • 1st Place, Cloud Award
    Game Developer World Championship, 2023 Summer Season
Cloud Award, 1St Place - GDWC, 2023 Summer Season
  • Finalist, Accolade for Best Community Design
    Game Developer World Championship, 2023 Winter Season
Accolade for Best Community Design, Finalist - GDWC, 2023 Winter Season


B2B Services

Service inquiries / Outsourcing

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Video Games

Outsourcing / Collaboration

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About Feudums

Please check and contact us through our dedicated project page.


Job applications

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